Blake Lively – style icon


Blake Lively is definitely one of the prettiest faces in Hollywood, but she has also made her mark in the fashion world. We all know her from teenagers’ favorite TV show,  Gossip Girl, where she plays the role of the ever so stylish Serena van der Woodsen.

Even when she’s not on the set in those designer clothes, wearing glamorous dresses, she still dresses with style. The thing about Blake is that she has the style in her blood, you look at her and you think it took her no more than 15 minutes to get ready, but she still looks amazing from head to toes. It’s clear that she also has the body to wear all those clothes, and there’s nothing more flattering to a dress or a pair of skinny jeans than those endless legs of hers; but still…there’s more to Blake Lively than just a pretty face, long blonde hair and a perfect body.

Let’s take a look at some of her greatest outfits and get inspired!

Blake Lively in black & white

You can never go wrong in a classic black and white outfit. But if you’ve got the style in your veins like Blake does, you’ll add a bit of style and originality to your black and white classic outfit.


Blake Lively brings vests back

You thought vests are no longer in style? Guess again! She manages to add them to her outfits, giving her a casual yet glamorous vibe.


She knows how to wear yellow

I have never seen someone look so good in yellow. It’s a bold color but she wears it with style.


Bold color choices

She is up to date with fashion even when it comes to colors. She knows how to wear green, cobalt and red like no one else.


Blake Lively’s metallic looks

Serena is in style this season with her metallic outfits. She is absolutely stunning wearing silver and gold shades.





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