Cool watches in 2013


Cool watches for next year – this is what you have to think about starting now. You want a nice present for Christmas and what better present than a watch that will be trending in 2013? We had a look at the market and here are our two proposals: a minimalistic invisible timepiece and the lunar-faced timepiece.

Invisible timepiece

This is one of the coolest watches I’ve seen in years. Don’t know how he does it but it looks like there is nothing there besides a glass and 2 lines – you can actually see your hand! How cool is that? And could the design be any simpler than this? I really doubt it! I’m sure that this will be trending in 2013 and this is on my wish-list for Christmas – under the stylish watches category of course.

I don’t care about the battery or how do I turn it or even how much it will cost. I just want to have it! If you think anything else besides that when you see the pic you are not normal!

Lunar-faced timepiece

Lunar-faced – even the name sounds cool. I don’t know how many of you would like to have the moon on their watches but seeing this one I would! The zero gravity watch is also on my wish-list for Christmas under the same category of course – stylish watches.

This one looks like it came from another world. The hands are all over the place, like their floating, but they never get it wrong – since this is a watch it had to show the hour right? But it will be a little bit complicated until you get used to it but I’m sure you can get the hang of it eventually.

Aren’t these nice, cool watches to get for Christmas? And on top of it, they will help you look chic in 2013! Go grab them!


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