H&M holiday gift for us – a new David Beckham Bodywear Campaign


H&M brings a new line of David Beckham bodywear for the end of the year. The collection is focused on comfort pieces for those cold and windy days to come for the next months. You can see a hooded-robe, soft henleys or a draw-string pant – all are good looking and regarding the fact that it’s a H&M collection it should also be financially accessible for everybody.

Girls have reasons to be happy also, they will see David Beckham in underwear once again. In the presentation of the collection he talks about his inspiration and how it came from old times classic underwear and that he was not looking to follow this year’s trends, he was just looking to make something nice, comfortable to wear for years to come.

So you can head up to H&M stores as the David Beckham bodywear should be there waiting for you. This can be used as a nice Christmas gift for your boyfriend – who wouldn’t want to feel and look like Beckham even for a short while? We love the collection and we hope you do to!


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