Victoria’s Secret Lost Angel – Rihanna


Rihanna joined the stage at the annual Victoria’s Secret fashion show in 2012. We all know that it’s quite a challenge to go up on the same stage with Victoria’s Secret Supermodels and have their perfect bodies walk by you as you perform live. But Rihanna was an amazing presence at the fashion show, looking like she has been the missing Angel all this time and has finally found her way back.

She was quite an appearance, from her flawless body to her impeccable outfits, from her attitude to her live performance. Rihanna performed two singles from her upcoming album “Unapologetic”: the first live performance of “Fresh Off the Runway” – quite inspired and appropriate for this event and the hit of the moment – “Diamonds”.

Rihanna showed us her angel but also her devilish face, with her two outfits. For “Diamonds” she chose a very sexy black corset dress, accessorized with a pearl necklace and pearl glasses, long black lace gloves and boots. The dress was revealing, but not too ostensive, showing her naughty side in a sexy way.

For her second performance, she chose a more angelic outfit, showing her nice side. She walked the runway like a pro in her baby pink dress.

During her performance, she interacted very naturally with the Angels, creating a performance to be remembered. So the 24-year-old beauty proved us one more time that she is a true artist.


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