1:Face Watch – trending stylish watch


1:Face Watch looks like the latest trend when we’re talking about watches. This multi-color stylish watch has a silicone band with a simple, but good looking, LED screen. This shows the hour only when you press the button – in the rest of the time it’s turned off. Although you only need one button to use this watch, there are 4 of them so that it looks good and not like a man without a hand.

Why is this trending? Remember those bracelets that everybody was wearing, the ones that had lots of colors and buying a specific color meant that you were supporting a different cause – well it’s the same situation with this new stylish watch. It comes in different colors and each color means something, that you are supporting a certain cause.

So we are expecting this to be the next trend and lots of movie stars and TV stars and music idols like Rihanna or Justin Bieber to have appearances with these on their hands. When it comes to charity and looking good for the people and seemingly doing nice things for people in Africa nobody is backing up. This is a trend that Angelina started many years ago…

But we have to agree that this 1:Face Watch it’s a good looking watch, it’s has a minimalistic design which is catchy. It’s simple, comes in many colors so we can pick which one you like (or which cause you want to back up ) and that’s in. Since the LED screen it’s not on all the time you don’t have to worry about the battery. And at a price of around $40 why wouldn’t you want to help children in Africa? You will be doing this and at the same looking trendy and .


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