Best fashion makeovers of 2012


Now that 2012 is over let’s have a look at was it meant for us in terms of fashion makeovers. It’s been a great year – Victoria’s Secret had another fabulous presentation with great pieces that everybody would like to have; Paris Fashion Week was better than the 2011 edition and hopefully this year they will keep the trend and come with even better collections; Vogue had seen a lot of potential and presented the new young fashion icons on the making; as for celebs, we have seen lots of break-ups and new couples as well as some 1-on-1 fighting (yes, I am reffering to Chris Brown and Rihanna). But after this busy year we want to have a look at who wasn’t on our list last year this time and who will be on our watch list this year – the makeovers of 2012.

Kelly Osbourne – from rag to richest

Kelly Osbourne is on a nice, good looking trend – from that fat girl wearing tracksuits she is now (finally!) becoming a lady! Looks like that new boyfriend of hers which is a chef created a fabulous diet for her – she is now looking better than ever so we want to see her on the red carpet this year. This should be interesting.

Katie Holmes – divorce makeover

We are now seeing a different Katie, the after-Tom-Cruise improved version. She suddenly became a fan of high heels which just makes her sexier! If that was even possible…but we like her free spirit and she looks like she is glowing so I guess married life is not better after all. We are now waiting for her to star in a new movie so that everybody will see her new sexy attitude – and we hope she will choose her own dresses in her next movie as we love her taste in fashion.

Miley Cyrus – another good girl gone bad

She did not made a change just in fashion, she made a change in everything. She went from the Disney princess and 7 years old fans to be the queen of the damned and target Justin Bieber’s fans – this will be a nice fight. She had a complete makeover, but we can’t say that we don’t like it. It was about time she would change her image and do something else and being 20 years old is a great time for doing this – if not now, then when? Now you can get away with it if you fail, but in our opinion Miley Cyrus did a pretty good job – we are eager to see her fashion picks for 2013.

Megan Fox – sexiest woman in the world is giving up

There are lots of discussions about her and her fashion choices – we are on her side, we think she is still looking great and the glow is still there. She is still an icon for lots of people, but that’s about to change next year. She is willing to give up the title of the sexiest woman in the world after the birth of her boy. She is a good mother and is already thinking about the future and she doesn’t want kids making fun of her boy by showing pictures of his naked, sexy “momma”. We already noticed some changes on the red carpet – different, less exposing dresses. But that is not necessarily a bad thing – with age, comes wisdom. We’re looking forward to see what Megan Fox has for us this year.


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