Beyonce gets a new haircut –pixie cut

beyonce new haircut

A couple of months ago we were talking about the beautiful Beyonce being on yet another fashion magazine cover and everything was good…and long! Now everything is short! She just finished her “Mrs. Carter World Tour” but she doesn’t have time to rest and it looks like she thought it’s time for a change.

We all know how much Beyonce loved that lion’s mane and how popular it made her. When Destiny’s Child was in every single top chart in the world, stylists in New York were asked by 90% of the girls coming in to get a Beyonce haircut. This meant that they had to have the same color and length and that was very hard to achieve. Now everything is so simple…and short.

beyonce new pixie cut haristyle

We can only imagine how many girls are adopting a shorter hairstyle nowadays, but we’re thinking that the number will double after Beyonce’s move – she has lots of fans out there! But the question is how long will it take before she goes back to her old style (we can call it that now!),  just like Rihanna? She got tired pretty fast of that short look but Jay-Z’s partner is not a follower, she’s a leader, so probably she won’t do this as fast as the young Barbadian artist.

beyonce new haircut




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