Calvin Klein 2013 watches and jewelry collection

calvin klein watches and jewelry collection 2013
calvin klein watches and jewelry collection 2013

Calvin Klein made us a nice surprise: the new watches and jewelry collection. This happened in Basel, at the biggest watches and jewelry event – Basel World 2013. It’s called a fair but it’s much more than that, it’s similar to a mall where you can find all the big fashion brands around the world but also the most luxurious ones.

Calvin Klein had a very nice booth that resembled their retails stores where you could find, besides the latest models, the most important persons in the company, like Lily Kwong or Ulrich Grimm which is one of  the Creative Directors at CK.

The new collection follows the same pattern as before – minimalistic – but we’re not complaining. We love it! Most of it is made out of curved metal which is nicely shaped and looks so 2013, just as we would expect CK to do it. Classy, elegant but at the same time functional. You can admire the pieces below and we’re waiting to hear your opinion on it!


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