Shoe Trends – Spring/Summer 2013 (Part 2)


Strap-up Shoes

Spring-summer 2013 collection is all about straps and laces – the more the better.From stylish and elegant Donna Karan and Maxmara strappy sandals to extravagant, attention-grabbing Roberto Cavalli, Salvatore Ferragamo, Tom Ford or Versace strappy shoes, they are all a must this season. They might be a bit uncomfortable in the hot summer days, but they surely are an interesting and worth-to-try trend.

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Men’s Style

Whoever said you can’t be elegant without wearing high heels probably never tried the men’s style shoes. They’re very classy and versatile and you can adapt them to more than one of your outfits. It’s not a new trend, more like a reinvention and continuation of an old one; for some years now, men’s clothing pieces have been adapted for women. We now see the ladies wearing tuxedos, men’s pants, ties and vests and all these look great on them. They still have that feminine vibe but also a certain powerful and determined air.

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Architectural Shoes

This playful and creative trend does not only shoes to what level fashion has gone to, but also the originality and unconventional style of the person who wears them. The structured or architectural shoes play with shapes and lines creating unique shoes. Depending on the designer, them come with layered heels, multiple materials and colors and funny-looking heels.

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This is another comeback from last season, but as fashion is in a continuous change, it comes with some updates. Simone Rocha, Vera Wang and Antonio Marras are just some of the designers who introduced the nude trend in the spring-summer 2013 season too.

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