Google’s Most Popular Searches In 2014


As we approach the end of every year, we take a look back and try to recap the year that’s coming to an end. One of the most powerful instruments to attest the who, where, what of 2014 is Google.

Every year, Google releases “The Year in Search” annual recap, summing up some of its top searches in several areas. If we take a minute to think of the things we “googled” this year, we could say it was a mix of ice bucket challenges, fashion weeks, Taylor Swift and Jennifer Lawrence.

But let’s take a look at some of Google’s most popular searches in 2014, according to The Year in Search review.


The top person searched in 2014: Jennifer Lawrence

The top searched location in 2014: Walmart (followed by Starbucks)

The top searched celebrity pregnancies in 2014: Mila Kunis

mila kunis sleek straight hair
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The top searched celebrity weddings of 2014: Kim Kardashian & Kanye West

The top searched fashion designers in 2014: Bethany Mota (followed by Kate Spade)

The top searched fashion questions in 2014: How to wear a scarf

The top searched red carpet appearances in 2014: Rihanna

The top searched selfies in 2014: Oscar Selfie

Jennifer Lawrence wearing Victoria Beckham at the Tonight Show
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The overall top US Searches in 2014:

10. Ukraine

9. “Frozen”

8. Ferguson


6. ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

5. Flappy Bird

4. Malaysia Airlines

3. Ebola

2. World Cup

1. Robin Williams


Probably the best thing that came out of this year’s searches was that people searched for the word “hope” more than “fear”.




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