H&M Wedding Dress Collection – Would you buy one?


When it comes to the big day in a woman’s life, some wish for a fairytale moment, some look for a wedding on the budget and save for the honeymoon, but we all want to be the most beautiful women in the world on our wedding day.

H&M, the high street retailer offers the ladies an affordable, feminine and vintage option with its wedding dress collection. The Swedish brand’s collection will be available starting end of March 2014.

The first H&M wedding gown will be a Grecian style dress with beaded details at the price of….wait for it…£59.99. This is their only design so far, but everyone predicts it will be a hit. We are quite skeptic yet; we might just see another Isabel Marant madness, when everyone dresses the same and that shouldn’t be the case when it comes to your wedding day. What do you think? Would you buy your wedding dress from H&M?

H&M wedding dress
Courtesy of glamourmagazine.co.uk

Featured image courtesy of businessinsider.com


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