JLaw would make a beautiful bride


JLaw would make a beautiful bride, but for now we have to settle for seeing her as a beautiful bridesmaid. Back in October 2013, our favorite Hollywood actress, Jennifer Lawrence, attended her older brother’s wedding, looking cute and graceful. She looked absolutely beautiful next to the other 10 bridesmaids, in an ivory strapless gown.

Martha Stewart’s spring 2014 issue of Real Weddings has proof, showing the beautiful Jennifer Lawrence posing with “the girls” at her brother’s wedding. The magazine shows pictures of the beautiful country wedding, where the bridesmaids, JLaw included, wore J Crew gowns.

We have to admit, as much as we like Jennifer’s crazy and dorky side, we love her feminine and classy one too. So all we can do is hope for another wedding in the Jennifer Lawrence family, this time with her in a bridal dress. 🙂

Martha Stewart's Real Weddings Magazine
Courtesy of usmagazine.com
Jennifer Lawrence as a bridesmaid
Courtesy of thegloss.com

Featured image courtesy of usatoday.com


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