Wedding Shoes: Flats


With wedding season almost coming to an end, we take our high heels off and rest our tired feet. But what if we told you that you can look your best and still feel great and dance all night on your special night?

Well, thanks to some inspired (and thoughtful) designers, this is finally possible. Fashion designers created the perfect flats for an elegant, yet comfy wedding. There’s no official rule saying you have to wear heels at your wedding, but if you want to walk down the aisle in high heels, you can always switch to a pair of gorgeous, comfy wedding flats as you get to the dinner party and conquer the dance floor.

Here are some suggestions:

Sparkle & Shine

With metallic and shiny being two of the main shoe trends this past year, it will be easy to find a pair of metallic or sparkly flats that will be in style and be comfortable at the same time.

sparkle massimo-dutti-metallic-silver-ballet-flats-w724


Well, lace has always been and always will be synonym with elegance, so why not lose the heels if you can get the same effect? Go for a pair of lace flats or espadrilles.

harriet-wilde-lace-bridal-flats-with-swarovski-heels-h724 aldo-flat-lace-espadrilles-h724

Something Blue

A bride’s “something blue” is usually something small or hidden, like a piece of lingerie, earrings or a garter. But the white-blue contrast is actually lovely so why not wear your “something blue” so everybody can see it; choose, for example, a pair of blue flats.




Whether it’s white or beige, neutral shades will always look good with anything, your wedding dress too.

flats-101 topshop-white-slingback-flats-w724


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