Pantone Colors of 2016

pantone colors 2016

After wearing the rich, luxurious and elegant Marsala in 2015, Pantone has a different approach for 2016. This year, they are proposing not just one color of the year, but two: Rose quartz and Serenity. If there’s something that we love more than the Pantone shades is their names. Just hearing the name of the colors puts your creativity to work, letting your mind wander and come up with interesting color combinations.

Pantone Colors of 2016

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is basically a gorgeous pastel shade of pink; a color that invites us to enjoy the Spring season and cherish the little things: a blossoming flower, the rosy cheeks of a little girl.  This Pantone color is soothing, calming, and offers a sense of composure.

Rose Quartz can be worn on its own, or combined with brighter shades of pink, Lilac Gray or peach shades.

rose quartz pantone 2016


Not only its name invites us to dream, but its color too. Serenity, this soft pastel shade of blue, is gracious and easy to match with almost any color. Serenity looks best paired with neutral shades of beige or gray, but also with peach or Arctic.

 serenity pantone 2016

The best and most interesting color combination of the year, though, is between the two colors: serenity and rose quartz. This combination actually breaks many fashion rules and challenges traditional conceptions of color association, giving a sense of balance and wellness, a sense of order and peace. The warm rose tone actually manages to perfectly balance the cooler serenity blue.


Other Popular Pantone Colors in 2016:

buttercup pantone 2016


No other color sends us to a happier, warmer place than this sunny yellow shade. Buttercup looks best when paired with Lilac Gray or Serenity.

green flash pantone 2016

Green Flash

There’s a new shade of green in town and its name is Green Flash. After naming Emerald color of the year a few years back, Pantone now proposes a different shade of green – a more earthly, radiant shade. In 2016, Pantone brings nature in the urban environment, creating a modern, bright color that looks best combined with Serenity, Snorkel Blue or Limpet Shell.



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