Taylor Swift’s Post-Breakup Surprise Appearance


The break-up between Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris was definitely last week’s highlight, arousing different reactions in their fans. Some were happy to find out their celebrity crush is finally single again, some got sad to see their #relationshipgoals vanish.

We have to admit we were part of the second group, so we were really sad when Calvin Harris confirmed the break-up. However, we really appreciated the manner in which he announced it, proving himself to be a true gentleman.

calvin harris taylor swift breakup tweet

Taylor Swift, on the other hand, said nothing, but retweeted Calvin’s statement. However, it’s not like Taylor to stay out in the dark for too long, so it was only a matter of days until she would make a public appearance. And what a public appearance she made! 🙂

This weekend, Taylor crashed one of her fans wedding, turning the day into “best day ever” for most people attending the event, but especially for the bride and groom, Kenya Smith and Max Singer. The groom’s sister contacted Swift asking her to perform at her brother’s wedding and well…the rest is history. 🙂

taylor swift crashes fan wedding

Taylor even posted a photo of her and the happy couple on Instagram, captioning it “Third wheel” and giving us #weddinggoals all over again. Go #teamtaylor !

taylor swift at fans wedding



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